Model 1874 French “Gras” Bayonet

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This bayonet is the last of the French “sword-type” bayonets and was made to fit the model 1874 “Gras” infantry rifle.  This bayonet is dated 1878.  They were manufactured from 1874 till around 1885.

The bayonet is uncleaned, but has a bright blade with minimal dark spots and no pitting.  The brass pommel has a great patina from years of not being messed with.  The push-button mechanism works well.  This model bayonet was was carried by the French Foreign Legion and used in the following overlapping conflicts:

  • French Indo-China in 1873-1874
  • French Indo-China in 1882-1883
  • Sino-French War 1883-1885
  • Madagascar Wars 1883-1885 and 1895
  • 1st Mandingo-French War 1885-1886
  • 1st Dahomeyan-French War 1889-1890
  • 2nd Dahomeyan-French War 1892
  • Conquest of Chad 1897-1914
  • 3rd Mandingo-French War 1885-1886
  • Moroccan War 1907-1912
  • World War One / WWI (early)

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  1. Robert Lamberth Says:
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    Dear Sirs

    Could you please inform me of the Price of the above
    1874 French Gras Bayonet

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  2. Thank you for visiting Rally Point Militaria. This item has sold.


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