M1 Fixed Bale Helmet w/ Hawley Liner

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This is an early WWII M1 helmet consisting of:

  • Front seam, fixed-bale M1 shell - With khaki chinstrap affixed with rivets / split pins.  On page 14 of “Doughboy to GI” author Kenneth Lewis describes an early M1 helmet and states the following, “On the helmet outer, the webbing strap was riveted, this being the first form of attachment before they were stitched to the fixed loop.”  I’ve included page 14 (see pics) for reference.  In the images of this helmet you see the straps have never had stitched bar tacking and the rivets have developed undisturbed patina from age.  This shell could be an extremely early fixed-bale, or the straps could be field replacements.  I’ll let you and/or the web boards decide.
  • Fiber Hawley liner – Structurally immaculate.  Peter Oosterman describes this liner as “Type 1″ in his book “M-1 Helmet of the WW2 US GI”, meaning it is the earliest variation with rectangular aluminum suspension washers, brass chinstrap holders, and a brass square slide buckle.  This Hawley dates between circa late 1941 to mid 1942.  There appears to be a faint embossed “G” (no ink) inside the crown for General Fiber Company.  This company produced only 3% (120,000 units) of the total fiber liners.

This M1 fixed-bale shell is definitely a one looker combat helmet with its wartime finish worn to a smooth sheen in places from real combat use.  On the rear of the shell, you can faintly see “PFC” (Private First Class) marked in black.  The number “26″ is painted in white inside the shell.  The Hawley liner has soiling on its cloth surface that may come out with delicate cleaning.  I decided to leave the liner as-is.

Price: SOLD

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WWII St Clair M1 Helmet Liner

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This WWII M1 helmet liner made by St Clair is one of two manufactures of the early “low pressure” helmet liner.  The other maker was “Hood Rubber”.  It has its original dark smooth finish and a green finish on the inside, which was only done on the earliest production helmets.

The liner has early square galvanized washers holding a white rayon suspension, a rayon and leather sweatband, and a rayon nape strap.  The name “Berlat” has been painted on the size of the helmet (see pic).  There is a 1/2 inch fiberglass separation by the painted name and one of the snaps on the sweatband has separated.  Otherwise, this is a very clean helmet.

Price: SOLD

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WWII M1 Navy Grey/Blue Painted Helmet

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This is a very clean WWII front seam, swivel-bale M1 helmet painted in blue gray for Navy.  The rough texture is wonderful.  It comes with a Westinghouse liner that appears to have never had an OD (olive drab) finish.

Price: SOLD

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WWII M1 “Fixed Bale” Helmet w/ Seaman Liner

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This is an early WWII M1 fixed bale helmet with brass buckle and J Hook, and a stainless steel front seam rim.  The liner and steel shell retain their original WWII finish.  The khaki straps are original to the helmet.  The high pressure liner is made by Seaman Paper Company and is complete with sweatband, nape strap (size medium), and leather chin strap.  The chinstrap is is black painted steel with an anchor emblem under the clasp.  It is marked “United Carr”.

Price: SOLD

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WWII M1 Helmet with M1944 Pattern Net/Band

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This is a very clean WWII M1 Helmet liner, shell, and netting rig.  The shell is in immaculate condition with wonderful original cork texture finish.  It has a front seam, OD straps on “swivel bales”, and black steel hardware.  The liner is a “high pressure” variant made by Capac with a minty khaki suspension, nape strap, sweatband, and liner strap.  There is a small amount of paint loss on the dome of the helmet from normal use (see pic).  The net is a textbook US M1944 pattern with the correct foliage band still affixed to the netting.  A very nice late war (Battle of the Bulge, Rhine Crossing, Iwo Jima, etc) helmet that would be difficult to upgrade.

Price: SOLD

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