A Vietnam Marine’s NVA Souvenir From Battle

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This pair of NVA (North Vietnamese Army) boots were sent home as a souvenir by veteran Danny Felton.  Danny served in Vietnam as a Marine in 1st Battalion, 3rd Regiment, 3rd Division and acquired the boots during Operation Hastings in 08/1966, after his unit overran part of the 826th Regiment on “Mudders Ridge.”

After the battle, the remaining North Vietnamese prisoners were detained and their shoes were removed to discourage them from escape.  This pair of boots came from a prisoner who had been shot through the thigh.  You can see specks of dried blood from the wearer’s injury stained in the canvas.  There is even Vietnam soil still clinging to the soles.

In my conversation with Danny, he mentioned that he had also acquired a Chi-Com (Chinese Communist) pistol, but an officer ordered him to turn it in (to him) for intelligence.  Danny remarked that he had only been in country for a few weeks and didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Danny’s tour in Vietnam ended when he was wounded during Operation Buffalo in 07/1967 and sent home for recovery.

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