Vietnam War Special Forces / SOG Uniform & Document Group For Sale


It’s been a busy day. I’ve been researching my new reinforced jump jacket and may have the vet identified. More on that later…

I just added a nice Vietnam Special Forces / SOG uniform, photo, document group to the This is a uniform, document, and photo group for a multiple tour Special Forces and SOG veteran.

CPT Thomas Dolighan was the S-2 for camp B-4630 in Thailand from 10/1966 to 09/1967, making him part of the original 46th Special Forces Group.  Later he was the S-4 for the CLD (Command Liason Detachment) in Saigon from 10/1967 to 03/1968.  Then Dolighan was the S-4 at FOB-3 from 03/1968 to 09/1968.

His tour at FOB-3 was interrupted when he was seriously wounded in the early morning of 08/23/68 at CCN headquarters, when over one hundred Viet Cong sappers penetrated the compound and killed 15 Special Forces NCOs and Officers, and 16 Chinese Nung mercenaries, Montagnards, and South Vietnamese Special Forces personnel.

CPT Dolighan also did a tour at B-55 (5th Mobile Strike Force) in Nha Trang, but exact the dates are unknown at this time.

The group includes:

1.    OD rip-stop medium-regular jungle jacket (dated 1968) with CCN made name and Army tapes, Thai Master Jump Wings, US Master Jump Wings, CIB, subdued SF shoulder sleeve insignia (on both shoulders to denote that he served and was in combat with SF), and a Ranger Tab.
2.    OG-107 Utility Shirt with subdued Special Forces SSI on both shoulders, Ranger Tab, Thai Master Jump Wings, US Master Jump Wings, CIB, and name and Army tapes.
3.    OG-107 Utility pants
4.    Nicely tailored Class A Blouse with Dolighan’s initials embroidered inside.  The insignia has been partially reconstructed (by me) based off a period photo.
5.    Two file boxes of paperwork including:
•     Thai Training Logs and Field Reports (46th Gp Tour)
•     Service Records containing general orders, special orders, award citations, transfer documents, etc (Some SOG related).
•    West Point Photos, grades, notes, etc
•    Field Manuals
•    ID Cards, business cards, issued weapon cards, souvenirs, etc
•    Language notes and books for Vietnamese and Thai
•    Rubber Stamps and stencils
•    Photographs in Vietnam, in 82nd Airborne, etc


1)    File folder containing: 1. West Point grades 2. Special Orders 3. General Orders 4. Award Certificates 4. Permanent Orders 5. Photocopies of photos 6. Project Delta Recon Manual “Tips of the Trade/Lessons Learned”
2)    Vinyl 3-ring binder containing: 1. Copy of the CLD roster 2. NARA papers containing service record info 3.  23 8×10 photographs of Dolighan in the Army and at West Point 4. 4 5×7 photographs of Special Forces 5. Correspondence with 5th Special Forces archivist regarding Dolighan 6. More General orders 7. Photocopy of an article of the CCN sapper attack Dolighan was wounded in
3)    Vintage 3-ring binder containing Vietnam era TO&E (Tables, Organization, and Equipment)
4)    Vintage 3-ring binder containing Vietnam era SOP for Civil-Military Operations
5)    Vintage 3-ring binder containing Royal Thai Army (46th GP) Counterinsurgency Leadership Orientation Course
6)    Vintage 3-ring binder containing Royal Thai Army (46th GP) Counterinsurgency Company Level Training Course
7)    Vintage binder containing Royal Thai Army (46th GP) Lesson Plans (Vol II)
8)    Binder/Book containing the manual (5th Special Forces Group dated October 25th, 1967) for Regulations on Receiving, Issuing, and Awarding Decorations and Awards within Special Forces.  Discusses criteria, shows examples of write ups, etc.  Very unique book!
9)    Manual (legal size) for the Royal Thai Army Special Forces Officer Course at the Special Warfare School at Camp Pawai, Thailand Jan. 1967 (CPT Dolighan helped developed a lot of this curriculum)
10)    Manual (legal size) for SOP at DET C-101A (May 1966 46th SFGA)
11)    3 Legal sized folders stuffed with 46th GP lesson plans
12)    Legal sized folder containing 46th GP After Action Reports
13)    Folder containing “CT Camp Report”, a SF base camp in Thailand
14)    File folder containing press clippings of Thailand incidents of violence and US/Thai relations
15)    West Point Invitation to Founders Day Dinner 1966
16)    Dolighan’s Wedding invitation
17)    Military book published in Thai
18)    Military manual on Thai Military Subjects and Situations
19)    PSYOP Thailand Handbook
20)    United States Army School manual on Las – Vietnam Political and Military Background
21)    United States Forces Thailand Telephone Directory book (Jan. 1974)
22)    Book containing Thai information to incoming personnel (post exchange, customs, etc)
23)    Selected Bibliography for Southeast Asia put together by the Foreign Service Institute
24)    Note cards containing info on a Thai Special Forces presentation
25)    Newspaper article with CPT Dolighan in 5th GP beret
26)    Full color military map of Thailand
27)    US Army Handbook for Vietnam (dated Sept 1962)
28)    Book entitled “Speak Vietnamese” containing hand written notes from CPT Dolighan (1966 edition)
29)    Zip lock bag containing: Dolighan West Point name tape (1963), Soldiers Guide to Thailand booklet, map reading tools, Military Drivers license, 2 (1963 dated) M60 machine gun manuals, 6 private weapon registration cards (.45, .357, Walther 9mm, etc), business cards, code of conduct cards, etc
30)    MAJ Dolighan foot locker stencil
31)    Large plastic bag containing Ranger techniques booklet, Thai and Vietnamese phrase books, Thailand business cards, combat engineer/demo charts, too much to list!
32)    Other Vietnam/Military related pamphlets, booklets, files, etc

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3 Responses to “Vietnam War Special Forces / SOG Uniform & Document Group For Sale”

  1. I served with Todd Dolighan in both Korea and Thailand and counted him as a friend until I retired from the army and we lost contact. I believe he died several years ago. He was a good soldier and I miss him.

  2. He was my brother.

  3. Thank you for your interest, but the Dolighan grouping was sold in its entirety.