Vietnam MACV-SOG / SOG “Over The Fence” Uniform

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This uniform was worn by a Special Forces veteran who served as 1-1 (Assistant Recon Team Leader) for RT Bushmaster, CCN (Command and Control North) from 10/1969 – 12/1970.  The uniform was worn on the veteran’s final operation with SOG, a trail watch mission in Laos.

The jacket and trousers are “sterile” meaning they are void of all tags and insignia other than the veteran’s blood type (A Positive) marked in pen on both the jacket and trousers.  They are camouflaged with black spray paint and the trouser legs have black residue from being secured with black electrical tape.

One of the cargo pockets is missing because it was torn off as the veteran was dragged through jungle canopy during an emergency extraction after their mission was compromised.  The veteran received an Army Commendation Medal for Valor for actions during this mission.  His citation reads:

For heroism in connection with ground operations against a hostile force in the Republic of Vietnam: Staff Sergeant XXXXXX distinguished himself by heroism on 24 June 1970 while serving as the radio operator on a long range reconnaissance team operating deep within enemy held and denied territory.  Sergeant XXXXXX’s team was given the mission to gather highly classified and vital strategic and tactical intelligence.  On the morning of 24 June, at about 0700, enemy forces which surrounded the mountain top began intensifying their efforts to dislodge the reconnaissance team from their positions.  Throughout the day the team was besieged by an enemy force vastly outnumbering them.  At about 1600 hours, Sergeant XXXXXX began exposing himself to the enemy fire in an effort to obtain an estimated distance and azimuth from the team to enemy automatic positions.  Sergeant XXXXXX repeatedly risked his safety to aid the team leader in locating enemy so that the gunships could place their ordnance.  As the extraction helicopters neared, Sergeant XXXXXX, again with complete disregard for his own safety, grabbed a panel from an indigenous team member and stood fully exposed to the enemy below.  Sergeant XXXXXX in slow deliberate movements, began flashing the panel to mark the landing zone for the aircraft.  Even while guiding the aircraft, Sergeant XXXXXX remained vigilant for enemy fire.  After the first aircraft departed, the enemy fire became concentrated on the landing zone.  As Sergeant XXXXXX climbed the ladder of the second ship, he saw a heavy enemy machine gun firing on his aircraft.  Sergeant XXXXXX alerted the crew to the enemy fire, and as they evaded the enemy fire, Sergeant XXXXXX was dragged through a tree, but the aircraft was safe.  Sergeant XXXXXX showed himself to be courageous, intelligent and completely dedicated to mission accomplishment.  Staff Sergeant XXXXXX’s heroic and highly commendable actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect greatly upon himself, Special Forces and the United States Army.

Note the veteran’s citation reads he was operating in South Vietnam when his recon team was actually in Laos.  Included are images of the veteran suited up at Camp Long Thanh, as well as his certificate for completing Reconnaissance Team Leaders course at Long Thanh.

A few of the veteran’s awards include:

  • Purple Heart w/ Oakleaf
  • RVN Staff Service Medal 2nd Class
  • Army Commendation Medal for heroism
  • Parachutist Badge
  • 4 Overseas Ribbons
  • RVN Service Medal w/ 1 Silver Star and 3 Bronze Stars
  • Vietnamese Jump Wings (honorary)
  • Air Medal – 2nd award
  • Bronze Star Medal w/ 3 Oakleaf clusters and “V” device
  • Combat Infantry Badge
  • RVN Cross of Gallantry w/ Palm and 2nd Oakleaf cluster

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  1. Killer uniform!

  2. Thanks. This uniform has been in my collection for years and I am very fortunate to have it.


  3. I knew this soldier fairly well. i have a pic of him at Camp long thanh.
    i don’t believe the pic shown was taken at CLT. It looks flat but we had no concertina inside the camp like in the pic.
    I wonder if SSG T—– is still alive. He was a fine man and my hope is that he’s still alive.
    jim hruska
    former CAPT B53/70/71

  4. Martin Larsen // Spy vs Spy Says:
    February 27th, 2010 at 1:25 am

    Hi Chris.
    I love this uniform and its allways interesting to look at your homepage. Thanks for showing your stuff.
    Best regards, Martin

  5. Martin,
    Thank you for visiting Rally Point Militaria and for your compliment on the SOG uniform. This spring I will be adding many more articles so stay tuned!


  6. Thanks for the memories, I was on Snake Bite I 31 Mar 1969-31 Aug 1969 from B Co,1st SFG(A) Okinawa, assigned to RT Tack CCS…

  7. Killer uniform!

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