Operation White Star 1961/1962


LTC Edgar J. Albrick was a three-war veteran serving in WWII (23rd and 33rd Armored Engineer Bn, 7th Armored Div, 8th Armored Division, and 296th Combat Engineer Bn), Korea (15th Infantry, 3rd Div), and South East Asia (77th, 7th, and 1st Special Forces).  His military awards and decorations include: Silver Star Medal, 3 Bronze Star … Read more

Why Are Military Uniforms So Important?

us army uniforms

Military uniforms are an integral part of being a soldier. They serve as a symbol of strength and power, and they also represent professionalism and discipline. But there’s more to the story. Military uniforms offer a unique challenge because they are designed to withstand extreme conditions and withstand wear and tear. Today, military clothes are … Read more

Special Forces Uniforms

indo china war map

Special Forces personnel used a variety of uniforms in the field during the span of the Second Indo China War. This section is laid out with the assumption that the viewer already has a general understanding of the different types/patterns of field uniforms designed and worn during this time period. The examples being displayed are … Read more

Special Forces Boonie Hats

militaryboonie hat

Boonies hats were often the preferred piece of headgear in the tropical climates of Southeast Asia. Wool berets were often described as being inconvenient and uncomfortable because they were hot, they did not breathe, and they took forever to dry. Many vets say that their berets were only worn while they were being photographed and … Read more

Special Forces Berets

military standing in the mud

There are a few different types of Special forces berets that have been worn since their inception in 1952. The early types were made by Munich tailors in a three-piece construction, with a prominent seam running along the perimeter of the beret. Some of the early 1950’s berets were also procured locally around Fort Bragg … Read more